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Web traffic to speed up grass-roots to teach you a few tricks
In Internet in the, website has many, flow also can is had million, but those are is cloud, are is passing, real can became himself of customer of can has how many? and some website they of IP is not more, only hundreds of, is always precision of grasp live customer, this is into rate level of difference. website to operation success, to do which work to upgrade website of into rate does? upgrade into rate of way has three species;
first, precise to through long tail keywords of mining
Website set good target keywords has zhihou, will began mining large of long tail keywords out, target word is to we website brings IP, and upgrade website visibility of. and long tail Word is is into rate of guarantee. that how mining long tail keywords does, actually we has many method to mining. on Baidu of tool on has many.
1. Baidu of Xia pulled box and related search. in Baidu in entered a Word, Baidu will recommended out several and entered of Word has associated of Word to, And these Word also is Search top of. guarantee has search volume, and a word Baidu can to you provides multiple related search. this like can mining multiple long tail Word.
2. Baidu know, stick, end, SOSO asked asked, watercress, series of platform looking for long tail Word. these platform are is interactive social, was asked was answered, on can in here mining some has value of long tail keywords, and can to we brings quality of IP.
3.  Baidu bidding background. we can himself in Baidu Shang do a very very cold of long tail Word, then conducive to this bidding background to analysis which Word can do long tail keywords.
4. tool search. Google on out has a is good of mining long tail keywords of tool "magic compass" this keywords can unlimited of extended out long tail keywords. and other some of search keywords of tool.
Second, for on website keywords of precision sex analysis
Regardless of is target keywords also is long tail keywords, are is has they of role of, but if you positioning no words that is wasted has, Internet Shang of information changing, geographical not as, using keywords of habits is not as of. do keywords of when to note around of query habits. this to we on industry has in-depth of understand, General Enterprise will using "business pass" software to detection is where of IP and through which keywords effective, to can always of monitoring keywords of accuracy and effectiveness , Conducive to website of second times adjustment. on website of keywords accuracy improve of guarantees.
third, to has page layout of into rate
content of original sex and correlation, many aspects are is directly effect customer select of factors, that on need put page of content do of is has quality of while put these into rate than high of page put in Home.
we do website of not only is to flow, operation website of when flow again high no into rate is no with of, But light has is high of into rate, flow low has also no. such child on visibility of upgrade no help, we to do of is put website flow through target word upgrade up, visibility through target word increased, into rate is through large of long tail keywords to upgrade.
strips road pass Rome, optimization website has various method, as long as reached scheduled of effect, are can attempts to, from obtained experience, let you of optimization more to force.

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