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SEO bottlenecks "something for nothing"
I have my own Web site have the opportunity when you want me to optimize my targeted keywords, favorite things to do each day is to use keyword ranking query tools to check website rankings every day, and sometimes may go two or three times, conscious not of such an operation. But I was: ranking the possibility is very small, the lower is more likely.
when it comes to search keywords ranking, believe we will come to see their own site's link with some basic data such as snapshot. But it really is I had overlooked: the rankings look it up so I can get it? Don't investigate, and miserable. Is simply to send the chain can own up? Out here you might laugh. Do I get out of the bottleneck of time of not less than one month. Know such actions for site ranking without too much help, but to do so. More because, in addition to those don't know how then should go.
wrote here might have some friends may be in doubt, as far as this can be a bottleneck? You don't focus on the following, I just said above the simplest, the most common case, so I ask you, are you a reasonable arrangements for your day's work and long term career goals?
a few days ago, a friend asked me, how to make your own Web site contains tens of thousands, I didn't tell him the exact method. I ask him a question: do you know Baidu lot included the premise? This amount included for each of you really can do it, but the real action on your site weights and daily updates that people in general are unable to achieve. No such premise even if what search engines think of your site's content will not help you. This is just an example
especially for the uninitiated, they always feel in the QQ Group or other forum, their problem is not always a better answer. Or some friends inside the group to complain about other people won't help you. This analysis of he Tao to put you, the "something for nothing" a bottleneck. If you should always pay attention to my blog friends know I have quoted this sentence in the blog: no losers, only want winners, at the time of day into the million, you will find that time is money! I don't know how many people read this sentence, for the true master, his time was directly measured in terms of money, and to help the novice questions they are waiting to take on more important things to do. You should have seen that particularly active friends group, very few people will be one of the more successful, of course there are exceptions. So few for the Group of "experts" that said I personally understand it better.
How to break this bottleneck occurs, be sure to understand that there is a saying, "there's no such thing as a free lunch". Real money, real search engine algorithms is to by a lot of experience with experiments to prove it. Webmasters like Baidu held a Club is also a platform for the exchange of it, for particularly important algorithms, are walking, nothing. And Baidu is not stupid enough to the extent that he released the secret algorithm. Combined with our own: free online information, then we will have a good absorption. Unable to find the answers to the question, mind. How to research and experiment, for you will improve faster.

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