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Discussion on SEO in the anchor text
Did not write the article in a week, because last week a planning time is tight. Planning done, so long as not too busy I will keep writing articles. Say we are SEO important is implementation, I insisted on writing articles is a form of execution now ^ ^ haha. When it comes to execution I think SEO knowledge, same knowledge through his Web site, some people do it well. Actually, the reason is that execution is not the same for everyone, so good execution is the Foundation of SEO. Oh, a little say far ~
today's topic is anchor text, anchor text is very important in SEO link. A simple introduction, anchor text, in English called anchor text. In fact, anchor text is the text of the hyperlink. In the ocean of the Internet all websites can be interconnected, and the ties that link them are hyperlinks. Anchor text is the text of the hyperlink, hyperlink anchor text can be a keyword, can also be a Word. Anchor text in the website's role is to inform visitors of the clicked point to where.
in the SEO perspective, search engine spiders are crawling through a website hyperlinked to another site. We all know a website to do well in SEO, you have to search engine spiders continuously crawl your website. Leading search engine spiders crawling the site at the same time, reflected the importance of anchor text, because search engines based on hyperlink anchor text to set for the linked website. Can be so understood, there is a hyperlink on a Web site links to other Web sites, hyperlink anchor text on this site are going to be pointing to a presentation site. Visitors can use the anchor text is understanding about the theme of the linked site, so search engines can get the information through the anchor text. I don't know what I said, we can not understand, but the importance of anchor text for website SEO is really obvious.
main form of anchor text in SEO:
1. internal links: internal links do not has a direct effect on the site's search engine rankings, primarily through internal anchor text links so that search engine spiders inside the site more active crawling and more crawl our page.
2. external links: external links or links to, third party Web sites linked to our site, this has a direct impact on the website in the search engine rankings. We all know search engines are very much external links site, and especially the high weight of the site link. As in other Web sites link to your site, which means that the website you site recognition, and the anchor text is the Web site for an introduction of your website. Search engines attach great importance to the introduction. So when websites exchange links, anchor text of hyperlinks to other websites pointing to your site settings into your own site's main keyword.

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