Experience in detailed steps show you how to replace the domain name
Online about this issue a lot, but the answer is little information, it's hard to follow the instructions, so I replaced successfully, replace the domain name of my experiences and details to share, for members ' reference.
the first step, the domain name space bound
specific binding method, I will not repeat them, your space is provided, if not, please consult the space business.
I want to remind you is that if you are using virtual space, may have a primary domain name binding constraints, if the limit has been used up, you need to first upgrade minimum space to be able to bind a domain name, so that we can continue to bind the new domain name.
a little bit is that binding domain to the new space, old domain name is the best solutions don't tie. Preferably two domain names with a period of time, so that the users are familiar with the new domain name under, tied with his old domain name solutions.
, resolve domain names into space this step is a must, specific methods are also consulting domain name registrar.
there is a need to remind you, just remember @ www to resolve, which means you need to let the user enter and can access. Found some sites accessible only to enter www and without www is not accessible, this is bad, some users did not want to enter www.
the third step, a 301 redirect to the old domain name
is necessary. Because whether it's Baidu or Google, featuring content in all of your old domain name, if you just replace a domain name, search engines, is that a new station, let alone weight that even included neither. Do a 301 redirect, tell search engines, these two domain names is a station, and mainly focuses on the new domain name, so you can put on the weight transfer of the old domain to new domain name, it can replace the domain name, Web site search engine penalties to a minimum.
fourth step, website background change domain settings
this site system, need to be set are not the same. In general need to set the following aspects: access URL;

1, site 2, the domain name-related settings in the config.php file, the code needs to modify the file. Use Notepad to open, then replaced the original domain name of the new domain name.
the fifth step, change site title, keywords, description,
domain name has changed, the site estimates along with the name change, the same keywords and site description will follow accordingly adjusted.
need to remind you that, replace all existing keywords, it is best to keep the primary key, if you can combine new and old master on the site title keywords are subtly embedded, are the best. Like I of station, yiqian of website title is "luanchuan people are Shang luanchuan's", "luanchuan's" is old domain name of main key word, and "luanchuan people" is new domain name of main key word, I on put new domain name of website title modified into has "love luanchuan's, more love luanchuan people", such yilai, "luanchuan's" and "luanchuan people" are has, and also told has user, new of "luanchuan people" than old of "luanchuan's" more worth love. When you replace, also want to use some work, as far as possible in the right premise, naturally embedded more keywords.
sixth step, and website internal code in the of Web site replaced
this a step also not more said, basic points about several category
1, and pictures links
2, and navigation links
3, and topic links
4, and within chain Web site
seventh step, and friendship links replaced
this need according to website Shang of friends chain one by one contact has, new domain name regardless of is from PR also is included aspects are than old domain name, may will some original of friends chain will not willing to continues to Exchange has , This time you need to see a good RP go way back, of course, did a 301 redirect, other webmasters will continue to do.
eighth step, bulletin
visit the Web site of the station changed, of course, to tell customers as soon as possible. In fact, it should be replaced before they notice. As far as possible the benefits and features of new domain names to users, help users to memorize.
Nineth, QQ Group bulletin and mail notification
for old users don't log in very often, station announcements and of course doesn't work. At that time, QQ groups announcements and QQ groups messages come up.
the tenth step, soft paper spiders
Finally, GF soft, to attract the spiders, tells a spider, I changed numbers from coming in here, hehe!

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